Dear Future Husband, I Miss You!

How are you? Hope life has been good? You having fun right? I’m certain you working tirelessly to achieve all your goals for this Year. Uhm,I’m wondering how many books you have read this year and hey! I have this ‘awesome’ feeling that your relationship with God is totally On point(I am not wrong am I?). You still exercise every morning and evening right? Yea!

I miss you
(its sounds awkward right? I know,but I actually Miss you.)
You see I’m going through a Phase right now and it would have been great to talk to you about all of it down to the tiniest,most irrelevant detail. It would have been Nice to hear you dissect,analyse and help me figure a way out. We’d pray together,you’d tell me how stupid I have been, I’d cry and you’d pet me,make me laugh and forget My ishs.

I Miss the conversations we would have,you know those lengthy talks on the phone when we are not together,or the talks we’d have just before sleeping at night,and the talks we’d have while taking a stroll.
You see,I just want to Talk to You,Tell you everything and Oh yes! I want to listen to you talk about everything-Tell me about your day,your new goals and ideas,Your ishs,Your Joy. I want to pet and pamper you,cook your best meals(no washing of clothes tho-there’s washing machine to do the work #hehe).

Sweedy,I want to cuddle, I miss the comfortable silence we’d have. I want to see you smile(the killing smile that’d make me shiver), I want to hear you laugh (I bet its going to make my kneels quiver). I’m envisioning us fighting and I’m laughing controllably (So much Fun), mehn! I see you begging and Me Forming for you (vice versa).
I’m trying so hard not to think about our sexual life (#whispering: its too erotic for me too Handle right Now).
I miss the Life we would have. I just really want to be with you. You know we would be BFF’s right?

I wonder what you are up to now. Who your friends are,What are you majoring at school? Boo,what are you hobbies? What do you dislike? Do you like gadgets like me? Is music really you thing? Do you love food? What are our similaries and differences?
What are your challenges?hmm, I do know though that God won’t ever give you something you can’t handle. That confidence keeps me going.
Well, keep believing, keep praying,worshipping and fellowshipping with God. Don’t relent in your pursuit. Don’t forget you are anointed for Favour and you are canopied with amazing grace. Keep Learning,Keep reading. Just continue being Better.
I love you to bits. Xoxo
Yours’ Forever

PS:write me soon. Muah


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