Uhm, i may have alot to say here the problem is how to put in down.
Well,here are a few guidelines to having a successful relationship:
1) Do not ever jump into a relationship without knowing the other person. You should know at least the basics like name,age,career choice,religion, alittle about the persons hobbies,likes and dislikes. What does he/she do for fun? Who are their friends? Before you begin dating you guys should do alot of talking,asking questions. BE FRIENDS first.
2)While dating,Focus on building each other,developing each other. Don’t rush into intimacy,there’s going to be time for that later,later.
3)Communication: You guys should learn to talk about anything and everything. Talk about your joys and your sorrows. Share secrets. Just talk. Communication is what keeps a relationship when everyoda thing fails.
4)Idealogies: There’d always conflict if you guys do not share similar views. Now i donot mean views like football team to support or political party to support,i mean views like career choices,religion,how many kids you want to have,where you want to live. These things if not settled early,if a compromise is not reached early could shatter the relationship.
4)Conflict: Now,you shouldnt be fearful of conflicts cause they must always show up. What makes the difference is how you handle conflict times.
First,i’d say never Assume. Donot assume to know what your partner is thinking and do not assume he/she knows what is going on in your head(well,expect he/she is a certified mind reader). Also,do not insist you are right,even if you are-sometimes accept defeat so peace could reign. Try not to end arguments,feeling or making the other person feel degraded or humiliated.
5)Intimacy: here’s the big issue. Well i’d just say donot do anything expect you really want to. Do not allow any one pressure you to do anything. If your partner cant wait till you ready then they do not love you and hence is not the right one for you.
Intimacy doesnt keep relationships.

Let say these:
*No body is perfect so do not expect a perfect person.
*The best relationship are due to the best effort and the work done.
*If you don’t love yourself,no body can love you.
*That thing you want,wants that thing too(you want cute and smart?,well cute and smart wants a cuter and smarter too).
*If God doesnt build a house,it shall definetly fall. So make God the foundation of your relationship.


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