Today is valetine,hence love is gonna be the order of the day. Like everybody would at point today remember the word “love”. As a result i am led to write something about love,something to get us want to love right.

1st God’s Love!
God’s love is the greatest love ever.
God has demonstrated his love for us right from the begining of creation,starting with creating Eve(woman) so Adam(man) would not be alone,then he went ahead and gave man dominion over the world and every other thing in it. Even when Adam and eve sinned he didnt kill them,he let them live. Oh! What love!
From Genesis through revelation,the love of God remains undwindled.
God’s love is sacrificual. God gave his only Son to die for our sins,to bear our crosses. He gave Jesus up so we can have life and have it in abundance. Even when we sin,he still loves us, he loves us,protects us when we aint worth it. He grants us mercy when we ask for it,no matter how we have been,he is always ready to clean us up,Oh! He never stops loving us.
He has said in his word in romans8:35-39 ” we are more than conquerors cause he loves us”,he said “nothing can separate us from the love of God” (Paraphrased).
His mercy endureth forever,his love and faithfulness is steadfast love.
His love is the purest ever,the most unselfish,the most enduring,the most faithful. His love is the greatest.
He gave us everything,he has given us Grace,he has given us the ability to do greater things than even christ Jhn14:12. What can be compared to this?

God loves us when we are not lovable,he loves us when we are not worth of his love,he loves us even in oue guilt,our pains,our unrighteousness,he loves us in our very unlovable state.
God loves each of us like there is only one of us. We add nothing to him but he still wants us.
See! Our doubts does not destroy God’s love neither does our faith create it. It originates from God’s very nature and it flows to us through our union Christ.
He just loves us.

Only he wants is for us to Obey his commandments, To love eachother as he has loved us.

2ndly Love amongst us – humans.
Uhm,this is pretty simple. All we need do is live in peace,let the spirit of God direct and guide us,love your neighbour as yourself. Don’t betray your fellow man,help when you can,show geninue care and concern,stay away from Gossip.
1jhn4:11 said “If God loved us, we ought to love another”. 
Well,this isnt easy because by nature we are selfish beings,we think of ourselves first. We give only when we know we are going to recieve,we’d betray our friend if we think there’s something to gain or get someone’s favour.
By nature, humans cant love someone as they love themselves, but that’s where The spirit of God comes in only him can teach us to sacrifice,to love rightly.
Do everything in love,teach,correct in love. I love you all but God loves you more.


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