Females-We rock,we rule! Our worth is immeasurable

It sure does hurt when i think about gender discrimination,you know when able ladies are looked down on cause they are females or girls are mal-treated by their male elder siblings or by their boyfriend,fiance or husband,like seriously this sucks totally.
Uhm! I want to talk about the relationship abuse tho. I want to tell girls,ladies or females that you shouldn’t relax and allow the guy you dating treat you like dirt,you shouldn’t allow him treat you a property,you shouldn’t be someone’s punching bag. Hell No,you better than that, don’t you dare believe when someone,anyone- be it father,brother,fiance,boyfriend,husband,friend,even mother- tells you,you’re worth nothing cause its not true. You are something,you were created in God’s image. He created you because he knew the males NEED You,he knew they cant do without us,the females.
Oh! You have value,your worth is immeasurable. You are the owner,creator,designer of the home. You are the Mother of royalties,You are God’s Own.
To all the girls out there who’s in a bad and abusive relationship,Get out today cause he isnt worth you,he doesnt love you(a guy that loves you would NEVER HURT YOU,HE’D NEVER ABUSE YOU-Physically or with his words). Don’t be afraid you wont get someone else,cause you will,you’d Not only find someone else,but you’d find someone Better.
If you been hurt a thousand times,dnt shut yourself out,Let go and love again and again and again. Have faith,believe You’d find the one that deserves you soon enough.
For the girls who was abused by father,brother,cousin,uncle or aunt Please do not let it define you,let go,forgive and be better. Take it as an experience that can help people. IT has made you stronger,better. Forgive and be better. God is always there.
For those doing ‘boyish things’ keep at it,if its the real you,continue if you find joy in it. Do not let what people say stop you from doing what you love. Show them guys that you can do it better.
Much Love.
Be happy.
Females rule! Females rock!


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