Trust in God always


Sometimes,indeed most times, i cant understand whats going on in my life,i cant fathom the plan-God’s plan for me. I get confuse,i get things mixed up. I just dont get it at all.
And sometimes when God gives some instructions and directions that seems absurd,bizarre to the flesh,asin those instructions that are really really hard,you know when you have to give up somethings you really like. Those times seems messed up.
Mehn! This times are really nasty,but all in all i have found a balance,now i realise all i have to do is: TRUST HIM COMPLETELY. Put all my trust and care in him cause i am certain he will see me through,he’d never lead me to doom. Nd yes!


I am nothing,i cant be anything without God.
Yeehah. I am one with God. Yes! I shall,i can do everything Jesus did while on earth,i can do even greater works than he.
No nid for fret cause i Trust God,no nid to be confused cause the spirit will teach me and reveal to me all things.
All i have done is belive and trust in him.


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