Love not returned

This picture reminds me of how those people i have loved,people i haved cared for,sacrificed for but ended up taking me for granted,they shuned me,chastized me,like seriously they throw my love, my friendship in my face.
It reminds of people who pretend to like you only because they need you.
I am reminded of peeps who i have loved indeed but just sincerely didnt love me.
It just reminds me of all love not returned.

Ok! This picture actually gives me mixed moods cause as i am thinking of the bad,i somehow find myself smiling and laughing cause it reminds me of all stubborn younger siblings(like me), it reminds me of my friends Oh! Sweet jesus i jes want to sale them at times or beta still kill them and i know they feel same about me too, but all in all, we love ourselves.

       To all those who have experienced Love not returned,who have been taken for granted. I say Let go. Love still,Why? Because WHATEVER A MAN SOWETH THAT HE SHALL REAP. Remeber this also: YOU MAY NOT REAP WHERE YOU SOW BUT YOU MUST AND SHALL REAP WHAT YOU SOW. love still!

Nd yea sometimes you need to give people space afterall they say: “people dont realise what they have till they lose it”

If u have friends who you always want to sale and want to sale you and you still love yourselves non stop. YOU have everything.


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