The world Versus God

Nobody cant fully understand you like God will,
Nobody would listen to you whole heartedly like God will,
Nobody cares like God does.

The world would jugde you,
The world would condemn you,
The world would cast stones,
they’d say nasty stuffs,
they’d rebuke you,
but God won’t ever do so.
He’d care, no matter how stained and ruined you are,he’d pick you up and clean you.

When everyone shuns you,
God will strecth out his hand towards you,
When everyone else slaps you,
God will beautify you and give you Peace.

The world wont take their time to listen and help without selfish reasons but God will,
The world wont love you when you aint lovable but God will,
The world would laugh and mock you but God won’t, he will give you reasons to smile.

The world would shut you out,
The world break you but God will build you, he’d restore you.

He doesn’t care what you been through, He doesn’t care what you are going through, he doesn’t jugde he redeems, he has no care about what the world says he’d clean you up.

No matter how bad you been,there’s hope in christ.
Friends would leave you, family might despise you, church might shut you out but God will never leave nor forsake you.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Cast all your cares on him for he cares too much for you.

He’d make the impossible possible for you. Trust and obey!


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