the best relationships are the ones that begin with friendship

Every time a random guy walks up to me and tells me he loves me,I just want to slap him. I cant fathom why a guy who I don’t know would expect me to fall right into his arms simply because he tells me he loves me. Like, its so lame, walking up to someone you don’t know so much and asking the person to date you. Yes,I know people do fall in love at first sight,I do also know its rare but in those rare cases it doesn’t make sense to go straight to that person and propose.
I feel you have to get the person first,cultivate friendship,get to know each other before you begin dating. I am certain that if relationships begin with friendship they would last longer,break ups would reduce and so would divorce.
So for all the guys out there who have a habit of asking girls out when u don’t know much about them,please do refrain from this act. Start with friendship,get to know yourselves,doing so you’d know the person’s flaws and strengths,you’d discover if you are really in love or not.
The best relationships are the ones that start with friendship,genuine friendship.


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