do people change?

Do people really change?
I know I am not the same person I was last month,I am definitely not the same person I was last year. Does that mean I changed? I like to think I grew not change, I am still the same person just a smarter,wiser,older and more enlightened and more exposed version of the formal Me. I didn’t become a whole new different person(I didn’t change) I just started knowing what I really want and started going for it,I started making decisions by myself,I started making choices,I became better in deciphering good and bad. I started choosing my friends and not letting my friends choose me. I realized that I had to lose some things to gain other things, I learnt the skill of letting go and holding,I got to realize the kind of things to let go and those to hold on. I realized some things and some people are just phases,I learnt how to act,I developed my etiquettes.
Yes! I didn’t change I just grew, I just became better.
For me, people don’t change,they just bring out their inner being-good or bad. They just become better or worse. Deep down somewhere the people we say have changed still have those characteristics we knew them for initially. Only maybe they exhibit them in a different manner now.
Nobody remains the same,due to age,environment,friends etc but still nobody changes completely


One thought on “do people change?

  1. very nice Itimi…. I jst wanna say that We all have eyes, but we see differently… For example ‘Godisnowhere’ some may say its ‘God is no where’, others may say its ‘God is now here’ but they where all seeing the same thing… But they saw it differently… Have u seen dat picture of a very old woman yet very young lady? Dats another way to say we all have different perspective of things!
    Well i think from my own perspective, change is a vital form of growth and improvement… 16years ago, u were a baby, now u’ve grown (changed) into a teen…
    and one more thing, u said “I realized some things
    and some people are just phases…” perhaps u’re right, but then, that will explain alot though!
    Thumbs up on d wanderful things u do here 😀

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