a little about school life

When I walkd into class this morning,my face couldn’t help lightening up with Joy and that’s because for the first time this semester I got to class before a lecturer came teaching,shoot! I even got to class and found a place to sit at the front. #soCool.
Well, its not like I am a perpetual late comer to class but most times these days I find it hard to get up from bed and when I eventually do,it takes me a lot of strength and use of will to start getting ready for school. So being able to do so today and get to class very early called for celebration.
I was already thinking about how I was gonna mark this remarkable day when my class rep announced that classes for today were cancelled cause of orientation that’s holding for fresh students. “Shit! This is nasty mehn” I thought to myself. I just can’t believe my struggle to be highly punctual today is in vain. #sighs.
See, its days like this that make want to take my time in getting ready for school everyday.
Hahhaah! I’m currently shaking my head for myself lol. Reason being that I know that they are students who go to class everyday at least 30mins before class is supposed to start undermining the fact that classes may not hold at times for one reason or the other. Well, in my book, those are the very serious students. NOTE: I used the words very serious because I am a serious student(not very serious but serious all the same… You grab?).
Tsek, now I got to back to my hostel,only I have nothing to do there because my roommates have gone to class.

Before I stop writing,let me beg all students who are gonna read this not to mind me oo. They should always strive to be very serious students,go to class early,do all and every assignments,attend n participate in all practicals. Just be a good student.


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