Writer’s Block

-I keep trying to write stuffs
-I start an article only to get stucked after the first paragraph
-I have so much to say,only i don’t know how to put them down
-My head is full and yet i my pen cant put anything down

-So much in my head,so much on my mind
I’m cut between worlds

-I want to keep going but i see no path
-I’m lost in thoughts yet i cant think
-Everything is blurry,everything seems to bright
-I cant look but i can see
-I’m hearing but i’m hardly listening

-The gloom is more now
-The ditch is widening
-I feel myself going down
-My hands are stretched out,
whose going to pull me up
-My mind is blank
My head is full
-holding on tight,
waiting for the night to pass
but i see no sign of light

-I just want to write
but …

*Its called writers block and oh yes! It sucks.


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