I need complete understanding… … Yippee,i have found IT

This is one of those days i sit with eyes full of tears,wondering why people misunderstand me.
So i know it’s human nature to act before weighing the options, to talk before thinking.
I know not everyone is as insightful,not everyone knows how to give the benefit of a doubt, oh! I knw most humans are selfish and think only of themselves.
I know the flaws but it doesn’t make it easier to bear.
I just want someone to get the exact point i’m trying to make,not the one they think i am making. I want someone, anyone to look beyond surface and see the real ish,get the real meaning. I want someone to really see the efforts i’m making and appreciate me. I want someone to understand me a little more,to give me d benefit of a doubt when everyone else sees my wrongs.
I want someone to care without expecting something in return.
Definately i want a life free of complications.
I want smooth,i want cute,i want free,i want Understanding.
Could someone care enough to want to know the very realest me?

Well,technically i might never find that someone amongst humans. Shoot! I’m not even certain i can be that someone to somebody else.
So even though,i feel terrible at times due to lack of complete understanding,i console myself with the fact that no one is perfect. We are all imperfect beings with lots of flaws buh most importantly i’d always console myself with the fact that,i have that someone in Christ Jesus.
Oh Yes! I may not find solace and understanding in humans but i will always get it and more in Jesus.
It’s awesome to know that he knows me more than i know myself. shoot! The guy knew me before i was even born. He is the one that knows my deepest innermost needs and he is the only one who can fulfill those needs.
The most beautiful thing about a relationship with Christ is, u don’t always need to voice out ur feelings,he knows you inside and out,he knows what u feeling before you realise you are feeling that way,he knows what you need before you do.
He is that someone that cares and loves utterly without wanting something else in return.
He is that someone that would be your friend when you are not his.
He is just an awesome person,too awesome too ignore.

For you all who feel you got no one you can completely trust,who feel you got no one who’d always be there.
Here’s a good news – Jesus. He’d never leave you nor forsake you.
Jesus- he is that someone.


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