Beneath the facade….

I love the lyrics of this song (Beneath your beautiful by labrinth and emeli sande) soo much,i couldn’t help writting it here! Pardon me y’all!

-You tell all the boys No,makes you feel good
-I know you out of my league,but that wont scare me away
-You’ve carried on so long,you couldn’t stop if you try
-you’ve built your wall so high,that no one can climb it
but i’m gonna try.
-If you let me,c beneath your beautiful,if u let me c beneath your perfect
-take it off now girl,take it off now girl,i wanna c inside.
-if you let me see beneath your beautiful …

-You let all the girls go,make you feel good
-… … …(i just forgot this part of the song)
-i hear a voice say “pls dnt hurt me”
-you’ve build your walls so high,that no one can climb it(this part makes me remember ONE Particular person @…)
-buh i’m gonna try, if u let me c beneath your beautful …(you guys know the rest part of the song right?)

**I listen to this song over and over again,i can’t help but remember all those “strong” people i know.
*People who put up a very strong personality but inside they’re so soo soo soft!
*I remember those peeps who’d never shed a tear over anything,yet they are the one’s that hurt most.
*I remember those peeps who’d never let u know something is wrong with them,who’d always say “i’m fine”,when they are breaking and aching really bad inside.
*those people who never let anyone in,those peeps afraid to love
*I rememeber those people who’d never share a problem
*I remember those people who would never allow anyone penetrate them,those peeps who’d run away when someone is getting too close
*I remember everyone who put up a personality very different from their inner man
*I remember everyone who put up a facade that says they are ok alone,when all they want is someone to lean on.

*For Once,lets let go and feel.
*Lets embrace our vulnerability.
*Lets allow ourselves love.
*Lets allow ourselves hurt.
*Lets Live.
*Lets be willing to fall.
*Lets take it all off and allow someone,anyone see inside.
*Lets,let go and feel. Really feel!
*Its time we stop trying to be strong so much and allow someone take care of us,pamper so.
*Its time we stop bottling everything up inside.
*Its time to let go.


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