Show me the way!

-In a world full of mystery,
-My soul wanders in search of its destiny
-As i walk through life and discover so much misery
-My heart bleeds immensely

-Every path brings about puzzles,
-I have to solve, to get that purpose
-I get exhausted and want to give up
-but all obstacles,
-I know i can tackle

-In a world of obscurity,
-A world full of so much uncertainty
-I crave solitude
-A place of complete abandon
-oblivious of all…

I wish for:
-One day to stop toiling
-One day to get all wishes
-One day of all love returned
-One day of understanding and NO searching..

-So much to do
-So much to say
-Strength eludes me
-Words fail me
-I bow my head and say a silent prayer cause i know HE listens and answers

-Father, As my heart speaks, As my mind talks, As my soul searches..
-You find me n teach me
-In this world,with so much in it i’m lost.. Lord,You find me!


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