A plum once said “just because a banana lover came by I converted to banana,his taste changed after awhile so I became an orange the he said I was bitter so I converted to an apple but he went for grapes. Now I have changed so many times, I don’t know who I am anymore. I wish I had waited for a plum lover to come along.”

Because a group of people donot accept you for who you are is no reason to strip yourself of your ORIGINALITY. You need to THINK good of yourself(cause the world sees you as you see yourself,the world hold you according to your estimate of yourself).
Never step down to gain acceptance. Never change to win a relationship. In the long run you”d regret that you traded your uniqueness for momentary validation.
The group that doesn’t accept you isn’t yours.

What water can do,gasoline cannot and what copper do,gold cannot. The fragility of an ant enables it move,the rigidity of a tree enables it stay rooted. Everything and everyone has been designed with a portion of uniqueness to serve a special purpose.

In the history of the universe, there hasn’t been someone like you,and to the infinite of time to come, there won’t be anyone like you.

You are original, You are special, You are rare, You are unique, You are the only true original of yourself everyone else is a counterfeit, You are a wonder, You are a masterpiece. Celeberate your existence. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Lots of love.


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  1. Let’s not get it twisted. Not all change required of one by the world one would regret. No one is perfect.so,sometimes, the path one might have chosen to follow might be d wrong one and would take only d eye of another or the world to put back in the right path. One love

    • Tru! Wah i meant is you shouldnt change you-ur person,ur own tru self bcos som1 doesnt like u like dat.
      If d chng sm1 z talkn abt wud benefit u buh wud stil give u d opportunity to be urself.. Den sure, go ahead n chnge.
      No mata d path u are on, change ur perspectv if ts wrng but donot change ur tru self,dat part dat makes u – u.

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