Our loved one’s matter too much to lose

A woman came home from work late,very tired and irritated and found her 6yr old waiting for her.
Mum-“dearie what are you doing up so late,you should be asleep. Remember,early to bed…”
Son-“early to rise mum”
patting his head,she said said ” Good! Now run along”
The little boy replied “soon mum,i want to talk to you first”
Startled the mum said-“uhm,son can’t it wait?,am pretty exhausted,i need to rest”
Son-“Mum please i promise i won’t take much of your time”
Seeing the boy was relentless,she sat down and told him to go ahead.
Son-“uhm mum,i wanted to know how much you earn an hour”
“like seriously,thats the important discussion that can’t wait?” the woman replied already getting worked up.
“Yes ma’am” the son said.
Shaking her head,she stood up to go to her room but stopped suddenly and said “If it’s realy important to you,i earn $20 an hour”
Son-“oh! Ok mum. Please can i borrow $15 from you?”
“oh! Jeez! We are done for the night,kindly march yourself straight to your room. Mtcheeeww. I can’t believe this is the important talk that kept you awake till now”.
With head bowed,d little boy quietly went to his room.
The woman,now very furious stormed to her room,had her bathe and was about to lay down when she remembered the discussion with her son. Her anger had melted much,then she startd to think,”maybe he needs the money for something important,afterall he doesn’t ask for money often”
So she went to his room,knocked and asked “love,you still awake?”
Son- “Yes mum,come in”
“Uhm,i’m sorry for raising my voice earlier,am just really tired,well here is the $15 you asked for”
The little boy sat up straight,smiling “oh thanks alot mum”. Then he reached under his pillow and pulled up some crumpled bills,added d one his mum just gave him and said “mum,now i have $20. Can i buy an hour of your time?, please come home early tomorrow,i’d love to have dinner with you.”
The woman was crushed. She hugged her son tightly and asked for forgiveness.

Lesson-Its time we thought about the things that really matter. Its time to stop working so hard and forgetting our family and friends need our time.
BBM,Whatsapp,Facebook,Twitter, The internet is taking so much of our time,time we could use to spend quality time hanging out with friends,gisting with our mum,talking with our dad,teasing and having fun with our siblings.
Books,work,internet should stop robbing the people we love of our time. Ts not enough to chat all day long with our friends.Lets call them,text them,spend time with them.
Lets drop the books for a minute and go Talk to somone close to our heart.
Lets put off the Televsion and go Gist with family.
Lets leave work a litte early to spend time with loved ones.
At end,its the people around us that matter most,its their love,care and prayers that would keep us going.


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