It is not over until God says it is

I remember waking up one morning feeling like i couldn’t be better,i was so depressed i didnt even think i was worth anything any more,it seemed like there was no reason for me to stand up that morning. So i slept and slept and slept,finally woke up and felt same way. Shit! My life’s a mess i thought,there’s nothing else for me to do. I’ve failed miserably!
Oh! I cried,i cried soo much i thought my eyes would fall off.

Suddenly,i remembered God will never leave me nor forsake me(Heb13vs5),i remembered that God would never give me more than i can handle. U know, people who have succeeded immensely had to try and try and try again,even when they failed,they kept going. Abraham lincoln failed soo many times but he kept going, Steve jobbs lost his company but he never stopped believing,he kept going. Henry Ford didnt take No for answer when he decided to produce his famous V-8 motor. The guy that produced the electric bulb tried 99times before he got it. Dr Dre-the beat King- had to start all over 3times before he got it. Uhm,even the great prophet of fire- ELIJAH- had to pray 7times before he saw a sign (1kings18vs42-44).
Out of the greatest errors comes the greatest heroes, big mistakes comes big miracles.
*sighs*… It doesn’t matter how many times i’ve failed,it doesn’t matter how many times i’ve fallen, i can still rise up again,try again,believe again. It doesn’t how many times i’ve had my heart broken,i can still love again. People have laughed at me but they would laugh with me soon.
Big challenges make great champions.
As far as i’m alive,i can be better.
No matter how bad i may think my suituation is,there’s someone out there who’d give anything to have my life.
As God was with Moses,so he’d be with me,he will not fail me nor forsake me(Josh1vs5). God as said i should not fret or have anxiety about anything(philip4vs6). Yes,i can do ALL things,All things,anything and everything (philip4vs13).
So why cry? Why be depressed? When i know i have potentials,when i know there’s a world out there waiting for me to come conquer it,eh! It is not over until God says it is. I would be better.
I’d keep believing,i’d keep trying,i’d keep dreaming and i’d be it very soon!
Yes.. As far as there is life,there is Hope,there’s a tomorrow that would be better.
I’m certain the future is brighter.


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