“Laughter is day and sobriety is night. SMILE is the twilight that hovers gently between both,more bewitchin than either”

-dere’s notin as beautiful as a genuine smile
-dere’s notn dat lits up 1’s world as a smile.
-Smile mks evrythin luk alot easier,it reduces stres
-It takes soo much less muscles 2 smile dan 2 frown

~Tyms maybe tough,things might be hard but remember than after eevry storm,d sun smiles. Remember dat there’s a soluction for every problem and Smile

¤Your smile might just be what that person needs 2 see 2 feel better n have hope
¤Your smile could be that motivation someone needs 2 go on
~Smile n you’d feel better
~Smile n you’d make someone feel better

~~Put a smile on someone’s face today.
*Help the needy.
*Play with a child.
*Buy a gift no mattter how small 4 a dear friend.
*Tease someone today.
*Have fun with family n friends
*Pray 4 someone.
*Do something kind.
*Lend a hand
*You don’t hav 2 do something big,jst do something.
*teach som1 something today
*tell som1 abt God’s love.
*let som1 knw dat tomorrow promises 2 b better.


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