Thank you jesus

I don’t have everything i want in this life,i have my share of ups and downs n smtyms it luks like the downs are more.
There are soo many things i’d like2have,like2do,places i’d love2go but i dnt ve the resources.
My life isnt a bed of roses.
True,at times it looks like there’s nutin2 thank God4 but then i look around me n i c pple m cuter dan,pple m smarter dan,richer dan.. I look around and i c pple who’d give anything to have my life,den i realise God is with me and i thank him.
Here i am,with two cute eyes that can see,2 ears that hear,a nose with 2nostrils that smell,a mouth that talks,i have 2hands,2legs,i can think,i can write,i can type… Oh! God i’m indeed grateful.. Thank so much and pls 4gv me for everytime i whine.

Lesson- no matter how bad u think ur suituation is,there’s always something to thank him 4..
If u can read this,say Thank u Jesus..
Thank him 4 d gift of life!
Thank him for safety..
Shoot! Thank him for nothing,jes thank him.. As u honour him with thxgvn,so he’d honour u!


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