let Go n be Better in 2013

2013 is around the corner..
Let go of al baggage…
Forgive yourself and forgive others…
Ts tym to stop focusing on mistakes,let our mistakes be lessons learnt,be steppn stones to greater heights…
Lets hold dear our memories of dis past year,lets use our experiences-good n bad- wisely…
Lets keep our adorables-good,loyal friends and families- close…
Ts tym to let go of all baggage and hold on to all worthy luggage…
2013 should be the year we became alot closer to God,the year we consistently learnt,developed ourselves and worked rightly towards our God given purpose..

So we didnt achieve as much as we wud ve loved to in 2012,not soo bad cos d goodnews is, its never too late,2013 we shall do better ryt?
We’d kip trying and trying and trying..
We’d ve fun..
We’d become better persons..
We’d let go and Hold on..
2013 is our year!
Keep dreaming,Keep believing!


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